Resource Center

The UWC Foundaton assists individuals by contributing knowledge and resources to improve life. Our facility offers a working resource center complete with internet connected computers to people who need such a resource for seeking jobs, self improvement and educational purposes. At the UWC Foundation women and children can seek the help and guidance they need to become self reliant in todays society.

We help other non profits

The UWC Foundation provides limited donated office space for other non profit organizations to hold meetings, classes, conferences, humanitarian projects, fundraising and other events. Approvals are based upon space and availability and the merit of each request. Applicants must provide proof of non profit status, along with the completed Request Form.


The UWC Foundation provides a small play area for parents to monitor their children while using the resource center workstations, or while attending classes or meetings. This area is not supervised by staff members and parents must be present.
UWC Foundation is not responsible for the children in the play room.

How we support other organizations

The UWC Foundation is a young non profit charity. We are about transforming lives and effecting change. We do not allow borders to limit us in our quest to make a difference to those in need. We have donated funds towards clinical surgeries and to other non profit organizations around the world. If you would like to recommend an individual or organization that needs our help please email us your suggestions by clicking here

UCW Foundation - 5510 Abrams Road, Suite 115 - Dallas, Texas 75214 - Phone: 214 368 6500 - Fax:214 368 2212